Getting married soon?

If you choose to get married, your wedding day will be one of the most important in your life.

You can have a luxurious wedding or a simpler one, one with many guests or just the essentials. You can also prefer a traditional and typical wedding, which represents your customs; or an avant-garde, original wedding that leaves everyone speechless. A wedding in a great room, decorated to the detail with your taste and style, just as if you celebrate it on a deserted beach in the light of the sun or even the moon. Whatever your wedding, it will be unique and unrepeatable. A day generated by and for you, an opportunity to rediscover and reunite all of our loved ones in one place.

Good day to make a video, right?

"Tal vez los poetas tengan razón. Tal vez el amor es la respuesta."
Hannah y sus hermanas, 1986

One more guest at my wedding?

"Anita is a great audiovisual professional .. She is able to take the special moment of each party ... she manages to gather all the elements so that her video clip is a memory forever" Simone Galvani, 2018.

If I am lucky that you invite me to your wedding, it is probable that I will escape the occasional tear in the exciting moments.

Do not worry, I have it under control.