Incredible places to get married in Ibiza

After so much time living on the island working as a videographer, I wanted to share a brief summary of some places where it is possible to celebrate beautiful weddings. Here is a short list, but if you know some other places and you think it's worth publishing, please do not hesitate to contact me! 

For the election of the right place to celebrate your wedding you will have to consider three main factors: Budget, needs and wedding style.

Hotels and Restaurants (Near or overlooking the beach)

Nothing more practical than to celebrate a wedding in a space where you can be a few minutes from the party after waking up or having dinner.

They say that Ibiza has more than 50 beaches and coves ... and it's true! Even though getting married directly on the beach is not strictly authorized, the celebrations can take place without any problem within the space that some premises have near the access to the beach. 

Inside Ibiza

For a more private event, you will also have alternatives even they are not so close to the beach. These kind of options available in Ibiza, more rustic and rural Ibiza, are called agrotourism.

Temples and Churches

There are more than 50 options! To not make an endless list, I recommend the following directories: