Original gifts for a wedding

For generations, friends and guests have given useful household items (like crockery and kitchenware), but if you want to excel you should ask... ¿How to make original gifts for a wedding?

Let's look at five options to give something different and memorable.

Original gift n°1: Professional Photography

There are always guests who enjoy taking pictures, and eventually share them on their social networks. Beyond the fun and spontaneous of these photos, it is always better to delegate the task to someone professional. So the guests can enjoy the day with their loved ones.

Part of the task is to make hundreds of shots, select the best and deliver a professional album. Each one of the photographs will literally be a gift!

Giving the service of a professional photographer to join the party will be something that will be remembered each time someone looks at some of the many resulting photographs.

Original gift n°2: The Video of the Wedding

Having the preparations, the celebration and the party recorded in video ensures that those who could not go to the wedding feel part of it.

In this type of service, many hours of recording are made and then the best shots are edited, to give as a result a single piece that usually lasts between 10-15 minutes, something ideal to share on social networks (Here you can see some videos of example!).

If you are interested in giving any of these options, contact me! We can surely give to the newlyweds something memorable that will last forever!

Original gift n°3: Thematic Trip

For those who have more economic resources, this is a not so original option but it is highly valued.

There are all kinds of tourist destinations, but the element of originality is in the choice of the theme that justifies the selected destination. A couple of movie lovers will always remember a five-day trip to New York, where many classics and series have been filmed.

As it is an expensive gift, we must take special care in its presentation: the card where the gift is announced and its decoration must be in accordance with the importance of the present.

The gift can also be announced through a public announcement at the moment of giving for the future of the newlyweds. When the marriage is more relaxed you can be given the details to choose the dates, and a tourist agent can take the necessary data and process the payment.

Original gift n°4: High Technology

Technology is always valued by men, being able to play with machines is something that generally makes them happy. A high-definition projector or a professional video camera are always options that the couple will show happy and proud to all the guests.

The important thing is that it is something of high quality and durable. It is not recommended to give away office or household items, such as a laser printer or a set of tools.

Original gift n°5: Spa and Hotel Night

The experience of visiting a spa and disconnecting from work in a good hotel will surely generate great gratitude. In this case, it is also important to elegantly present the card or make the announcement at the appropriate time.

The added value of this gift is that it can be enjoyed even much later, when the new life of marriage begins its development.