The elements of a true Ibiza wedding

If you are reading this, it is because the idea of celebrating an Ibiza wedding is in your mind and you ask yourself ¿What are the elements of a true Ibiza wedding? There is not a single answer but there are things you should know!

Let's see then the keys and customs of this type of wedding, where simplicity makes the protagonists shine.

The dress and the clothes of the guests in the Ibiza weddings

While traditionally the protocol teaches that only the bride can go dressed in white, in Ibiza all can wear these tones in their dress. Many choose the allowed option of wearing simple sandals to get in contact with the hot sand and connect with their energy.

Flax and cotton are usually the selected fabrics, worked in crochet and elegant but relaxed styles. Any type of jewel will stand out between nature and white, so the bride can choose a beautiful crown with elements of the sea and some gold earrings.

The place of the ceremony and its decoration

This type of wedding is also called Mediterranean, because the sea is witness of the ceremony. Initially this type of wedding was only done in Ibiza, but then the model was exported to other beaches.

If you want to keep the original tradition alive (a great reason to get married in the Balearic Islands) you can read another article where I tell you incredible places to get married in Ibiza.

The sea is witness of the ceremony

Faced with the impact of nature, it is not recommended to decorate too much: a minimalist style is the best. Filling the location with decorative elements can be counterproductive, but small details will make a big difference.

Starfish, lanterns, wooden signs and white candles of all sizes are usually placed. By the time the sun goes down, some torches will give a special touch.

The combination of fire, beach and party will make the experience unforgettable.

You can design resting places with cushions and low tables for your guests, as well as wooden structures and white canvases, all perfectly designed for the beautiful photographs of the party and the video that will record this day, which will be one of the most important of your lifetime.

If you are a guest who wants to give the bride something original, or you are the one who will be part of the wedding, do not hesitate to write me so I can tell you about my services!